A More Female Friendly Condom Has Finally Arrived

(Photo: Trojan)

A More Female Friendly Condom Has Finally Arrived

The world's biggest condom brand is going after women.

Published April 28, 2017

Trojan has always been ahead of the game when it comes to the old school contraceptive: condoms. Considering that 65 percent of women say they’ve never purchased condoms, their latest product, XOXO, is specifically geared toward women. It’s a normal condom wrapped in a decidedly gender-neutral purple color and comes in a discreet carrying case. "Ultimately, it impacts two lives for both STIs and unintended pregnancy," says Trojan group brand manager Stephanie Berez. "The responsibility really needs to be with both parties."

In addition to the new aesthetic, Trojan says their Softouch technology isn't being used by other companies and has a thinner, skin-like feel and they claim XOXO has a "low latex odor." And if that’s not enough to “wow” you, the new line uses an aloe-infused lubricant.

We're not sure if some new packaging and a little aloe is enough to entice more women to purchase condoms, but it's a step in the right direction.  

The price points on Trojan's XOXO line are not known yet. 

(Photo: Trojan)
(Photo: Trojan)

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Trojan)


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