This Simple Trick Will Significantly Increase Your Tinder Matches

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This Simple Trick Will Significantly Increase Your Tinder Matches

It's all a quantity vs. quality game.

Published May 1, 2017

Women have way too many things to worry about compared to their male counterparts. Society tells us we need to be mindful of the way we dress, the way we communicate, and the way we consume alcohol in order to be *safe* from male advances. Meanwhile, dudes are not confined to such stipulations — mainly, because all of our "rules" are in place to keep us safe from them. Damn you, patriarchy. We're here to provide you with some scientific research as to how our behaviors directly affect men, thanks to the brave ladies at Cosmo, who tested out male responses to different amounts of makeup on Tinder. 

When setting the ~*mewd*~ for your dating profile, you've likely considered the vibe you're giving off. Apparently, from a dude's perspective, it's all in the makeup. Cosmo's research suggests that profiles with natural makeup versus full-on glam perform way differently. (Males... such simple beings, really). They started off with the au naturel lewk as the experiment's control. The ladies noted that the guys they matched with were high-quality matches, in their humble opinions, asking them q's about their bios and eliciting actual conversation. One lady made note that she was not called "hot" or "sexy" when in natural mode. 

Things switched dramatically when it was time for glam mode. For one, the women noted their number of matches "more than doubled." One lady said she noticed guys wanted to meet up right away, "probably to hook up," she said. The language dudes employed also changed —once in glam, they were more likely to receive overtly sexual messages, leading one woman to say she felt like "a piece of meat."

So we've got the data... but what does this all mean? According to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D., "It’s not that the same man would treat you differently between the two appearance types, it’s that you’re attracting an entirely different type of man.” Damn... really makes you think. Honestly, consider it as a tool. If you're looking for something casual, get your glam on. If you're looking for conversation and a dude that might actually like you for you, err on the side of natural beauty. Or just say f*ck the rules altogether because... why not. Maybe try balancing out your profile with a mix of looks and report back to us with your data.

One thing's for sure: everyone can stop feeding us this ~be natural!~ bull. Do whatever you damn please, because if these ain't-sh*t men are that shewk from a bold lip, honey, they're not worth your time anyway!


Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: PeopleImages/Getty Images)


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