EXCLUSIVE: Joseline Hernandez Says She's Tired of Not Getting Credit for Inspiring Fashion

ATLANTA, GA - APRIL 30:  (EDITORS NOTE: This Image Contains Nudity)  Joseline Hernandez attends Joseline Hernandez Birthday celebration at Compound on April 30, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage)

EXCLUSIVE: Joseline Hernandez Says She's Tired of Not Getting Credit for Inspiring Fashion

And yes, she styles herself.

Published May 8, 2017

The #baddestputa Joseline Hernandez guest co-hosted the daytime talk show The Real for an entire week last week and social media was definitely trending about her brand new wardrobe and well-put-together style. She made a 180 from how we normally are used to seeing her, but for Hernandez, apparently that is nothing new. Style is in her bones and she's just getting started showing us what she can do. 

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Joseline wearing Etro Iris Floral Tropical Print Wrap Blouse$955, with matching Silk Wide Leg Pants, $855; both sold out.

After returning for a second week this year, the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star looks to be a welcomed guest co-host at the roundtable with the other four ladies and the chemistry is clear; combining these ladies creates an awesome show.

You may have noticed that Joseline really toned down her flamboyant style for daytime watchers with trendy fits that still showcased her colorful flare. It surely leaves many wondering what inspired the change and that's why we had to call her on the phone to ask what brought about her inspiration for the new look. 

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“Everyone always get the sexy side of Joseline but there is another side of me. I am a sister, a daughter and recently a mother, so I wanted to share that side of me with the viewing audience. You get the spicy side of me on Love & Hip Hop: ATL,” she shared with BET.com exclusively.

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Joseline wearing Faith Connexion Shirt Dress.

Don’t get it twisted; nothing is going to change Joseline’s saucy style:

“There is a certain place for certain things, but I will never change who I am,” the Puerto Rican princess explained. “Because I am an artist, I can look all conservative during the day and be on fire with my boobs out at night…that’s just me!”

Speaking of style, if you caught one of the episodes of The Real, you would have heard Joseline’s thoughts about the Instagram “who wore it better” comparison of her style and Kylie Jenner’s:

“Well, first of all, I’m her mama. She’s my daughter, OK. I’m the mother of all mothers. She copies me, Kim K. copies me, all of them copy me. Because you know what, I’m going to tell you where the real street style come from. The real street style come from the streets, the girls like me. The girls that’s fly.”

She continued, “You know, I’m a fashionista. I said that the other day. I don’t really make the blogs, but all the girls that make the blogs, they copy off my stuff. I mean, really, like all the girls follow me, like all the rappers and the singers and all the Instagram girls, they all follow me. This is what they want to be, so I definitely wore it better.”

When we spoke with Joseline, she shared why she felt the need to address her copycats:

“Because it is real! Us girls from the streets never get the credit we deserve for inspiring fashion. It is the girls in the clubs and the streets of New York and LA and Miami that makes fashion hot. Designers look at us and design clothes. Now that we have Instagram, people all over the world can see what we wear and do it too. It’s just that people don’t know it comes from us.”

This is why we love Joseline, she speaks her mind and shares her truth! Did we mention Joseline is a celebrity that actually dresses herself? We are certainly watching what she wears next.

You already know, no conversation would have been complete without talking about that adorable baby, Bonnie Bella. Excitedly, Joseline let us in on how the precious baby is cared for. “Family means everything when raising a baby. My sister is her nanny and together we do great with Bonnie Bella,” she said, beaming with delight. “She is a good and healthy baby and I couldn’t be prouder.”


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Although Joseline’s guest hosting week is over on The Real, we think that with her new style and keeping it real personality, this will not be the only time we see her on daytime television. Could she be in the works of becoming a long-lasting co-host for the show? What do you think?

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage)


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