This Girl Didn't Have a Prom Date, So She Took Her Dad

This Girl Didn't Have a Prom Date, So She Took Her Dad

And now their daddy-daughter moment has gone viral.

Published May 11, 2017

After not receiving a single date offer to the prom, others may have decided to ditch prom night completely. but this beautiful high school senior decided not only to show up, but to also show out with a mature man on her arm — her dad. And yes, Twitter had a tweeting frenzy! 

18-year-old Mellat posted a few images on her Twitter profile along with the caption: "no one asked me to prom so yes ... my dad was my date  #prom2k17.”

Remarkably, no one could imagine the amount of responses she would receive, especially Mellat.

“I didn’t really expect it [the post] to get this much attention, but I was in shock. I love reading what people have to say about it. I’ve been getting so much love!” Mellat shared with us excitedly.

With thousands of hearts, retweets and comments, it was clear that this was once again a viral prom moment for #prom2K17.

From tweets sharing how adorable the idea was to people's utter disbelief that the gorgeous young lady didn’t receive any invitations, this has become one of the cutest prom moments yet. 

Below, check out some of the nicest and funniest tweets (and yes, Mellat responded to most, if not all, of them):

So many wanted to know what made her decide to take her dad to prom.

“It all began when I wanted a corsage to wear, but realized how weird that would’ve been considering I didn’t have a date. Disappointed by all of this, I thought of how I could make it all work. In order to honor a man who is willing to do anything and everything for me, I asked my dad if he would be willing to accompany me, and of course he said, ‘yes,'” she told us.

How cute! So you may be wondering how the night went.

"Something that everyone misunderstood is my dad attending the prom. He didn't actually go to the dance. He took my twin sister and I out to lunch and took pictures with me. Most of my night was spent with friends," Mellat shared.

Sounds like a plan to us! Prom can be such a fun event, but no one wants to be all dressed up in their finest threads and stuck with a date who is a total dud. So if you weren't asked to prom, would you ever take your dad?

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Mellat via Twitter)


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