See the Man Who Stole Rihanna's Gucci Coachella Look

(Photo: Kevins Dad via Instagram)

See the Man Who Stole Rihanna's Gucci Coachella Look

Yes, man.

Published May 16, 2017

The magic of Rihanna's style continues to enchant us all. Her now famous Coachella Gucci style moment may be a new trend that seemed to have gone challenged... until now.  

When talking about Rihanna’s iconic style, she is usually in a category by herself because no one can really do it like her, but see what happened when this man replicated a Rihanna look head to toe. Over the weekend, an LA-based celeb stylist by the name of Deno, “stole” her Coachella look and not just the off the shoulder tank, the full crystal suit as well. He added his version of short shorts and a Gucci head band!

He even had the audacity to ask the internet, "Who wore it best?"

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Everyone knows it’s very possible that Rihanna will respond to his challenge as she never holds back on social media.

I spoke to Deno regarding the picture and he says, “It’s all in good fun. Honestly, I was just trying to see if it looks good on a dude!" He was so impressed by her look and it was more of an homage to Rihanna.

Deno also said that a lot of people think the crystallized Gucci piece is a body suit, when actually “it’s just Gucci women’s leggings and a matching top. ” When asked how he feels about men rocking women's clothing, he responded, “Some things I can see being unisex. It’s just all how it fits your body and how you rock it style-wise! But I do strongly feel that some things should only be for women! [For example] this Gucci piece, I think can be worn by a male [but] I personally was too damn big for it. I couldn’t zip it and popped the back zipper! But I look good and still felt masculine!”

We agree. While Lil Uzi Vert is in the middle of a controversy regarding the masculinity of his look, we're supportive of any dude that wants to explore his style. 


Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Rihanna, Kevins Dad via Instagram)


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