See the Adorable Moment This Little Girl Assumed This Prom-Goer Was a Princess

See the Adorable Moment This Little Girl Assumed This Prom-Goer Was a Princess

She sure acted like royalty.

Published May 16, 2017

In a time when racism is still a constant topic and unity is not exactly promised, this viral prom video is giving us all the feels. 

Dressed in a beautiful, princess-style gown, 17-year-old Kwani Taylor and her date went to a North Carolina garden to take photos before the prom. While taking keepsake images, a 4-year-old girl walking by with her family, mistook Kwani to be a REAL princess, and Kwani’s response to the little tyke earned her “princess for the day” in our books!

“She saw Kwani and said, ‘There’s a princess over there,'” the girl’s mother told WCNC. “We didn’t want to interrupt so we waited until a good moment and she just ran up and was enamored.”

The moment, which was actually caught on camera, has already accumulated over 5 million views and is still rapidly growing.

What was especially sweet was that Kwani humored the girl and played the part of a gracious princess by bending down on one knee and giving the girl a big hug.

“My daughter just bent down and went right into character,” Kwani’s mother, Tee Taylor, told FOX8. “She won best actress at her school, she’s into drama, it just makes sense for her to step into that role.”

Kwani’s action was a true reflection of her classiness and good upbringing. It also shows that the little girl is growing up to learn that color plays no role when a princess is just within eyesight.

Its stories like this that makes us all want to hug a princess. What do you think of her kind actions?

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Tee Taylor via Facebook)


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