Instagram Just Changed the Game by Adding Face Filters

Instagram Just Changed the Game by Adding Face Filters

Damn, Snapchat. How you feel?

Published May 16, 2017

Starting today, eight different Snapchat-style face filters are coming to Instagram. This is basically Instagram’s way of saying, “We’re coming for you, Snapchat!” Not only is IG gunning for Snap, but they’ve added a few other cool features that are going to make you want to hit “update,” stat.

The fun filters include a few different crowns, ones that make you look like a koala or a rabbit, and another that sends math equations spinning around your head like the viral social media meme. The filters will work whether you’re using the front or the back camera on your phone. Another feature that one-ups Snapchat is the filters can be used in any of IG’s shooting modes — photo, video, or even Boomerang. Plus, you can add hashtags “stickers”  to your stories.   

Find them by opening up the camera interface in the app and tapping the new icon in the bottom right corner. You can download the new 10.21 update on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Instagram via Vimeo)


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