See What Happens When Women Say 'I Know' Instead of 'Thank You' in Response to Compliments

People turning to look at each other on city street. (Photo: PBNJ Productions/Getty Images)

See What Happens When Women Say 'I Know' Instead of 'Thank You' in Response to Compliments

Guess what? Men don't like it.

Published May 17, 2017

You’re walking down the street dressed in your best ‘fit. Your hair is seriously laid, your lipstick is poppin’ and everything is sitting just right. As you’re minding your business with your fine-a** self, a man approaches you and offers you an flirty obnoxious compliment. Here is where you make a clutch decision: Do you ignore? Do you respond?

The latter is what author, activist and social issue addresser Feminista Jones challenged women to do when she tweeted:

RELATABLE! Am I right? You won’t believe the amount of women that took on the challenge — and the results are jaw-dropping:

It is very interesting that every woman seemed to have the same negative results for being confident in her beauty. What’s really strange is that there were situations where men took back their original compliment and even became disrespectful: 

Do men actually men consider you “stuck up” if you know your self-worth?

Since we are all about positivity and empowerment, we think you should be feelin' yourself all the time. If a man wants to point that out, it's up to him. 

But it is still not a requirement to say thank you, especially when this is coming from a stranger. 

So try it today and let us know what happens. 

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: PBNJ Productions/Getty Images)


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