See Why #BlackHairChallenge Has Twitter Lit

See Why #BlackHairChallenge Has Twitter Lit

Black girl (and boy) magic on full display.

PUBLISHED ON : MAY 31, 2017 / 03:58 PM

Twitter was pretty much set on fire this weekend after @MelaninMamis created the viral hashtag #BlackHairChallenge. Basically, the idea was to show off the versatility of Black hair. From fros to braids to carefree curls, users were inspired to share their transformations. Countless tweeters partook and the results were magical. 

We briefly spoke with @MelaninMamis about why it's important to encourage Black women and men to be proud of their hair and all it can do.

@MelaninMamis said to us,"I love seeing women embrace their beauty in and out. #BlackHairChallenge is one of my newest hashtags I've created for our women. As a Black woman myself, I know I'm always changing different hairstyles. Our hair is so versatile and we can slay a numerous amount of hairstyles. It's iconic. So, I decided to dedicate a hashtag to embrace our hair."

To be honest, the responses had us wanting to jump in. @MelaninMamis says, "The responses are expected because Black Girls are LIT. It definitely gives us Black girls reassurance that we embody Black Girl Magic with anything we do. This hashtag bleeds confidence, support, good vibes and infinite possibilities."

We haven't jumped in — yet — but it is great to see such positivity for our community. 

Written by Yakira Young

(Photo: Nneoma (Nne) via Twitter)


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