Guys Confess What They Do When They Are About to Break Up With Someone

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Guys Confess What They Do When They Are About to Break Up With Someone

Summer is heaux season, apparently.

Published June 5, 2017

Believe it or not, the weather changes can actually severely effect a guy's dating life. Right now, we don't even know what season we're in. But don't be alarmed, climate change is a hoax! (That's a joke. Sorry, we kid about the things that hurt us.)

So, we all know after “cuffing season” (winter) ends, we enter “pre-heaux season” (spring), which is that gray area where guys have to decide between being single for the summer or moving toward a relationship with cuddle bae from November. It's a big choice and I will be as bold as to say that most guys choose the former. 

Ever wanting to provide a service, I'm trying to be helpful. Ladies, if you are fortunate enough to have good weather in your area, here are the things that guys say that mean the end. Heaux season is here. 

  1. he plans a bunch of summer trips and doesn't invite you

    Honestly, girls don’t like Rio and Ibiza for real. There are naked girls everywhere. Why would you think they want to go?  

  2. He is wearing Vans – Don’t trust a guy wearing Vans!

    Ryan Braxton, 23, who recently started a relationship, says, “You just never know where he is going with them Vans. They slip on and off. You will never get caught."

  3. He fakes a prolonged injury

    Donte Webb, 21, from Miami, told us "One time, my brother had me tell this girl he got in a tragic accident and couldn’t talk for three months. Pretty much the whole summer.”

  4. He acts like he is going to join the military

    Jeremy Simpkins, 25, admits, “After college, I told my girlfriend at the time I was going to basic training starting in May and in the fall I got discharged.”

  5. He starts intentional fights and arguments about simple things like milk

    Errol Brown, 34, from Chicago said, “I told her she don’t respect me or take what I like serious, [so] how can I take her serious? Broke up day before the summer.”

  6. He unfollows and blocks on social media or deletes his IG and creates a new one

    Will Collins, 24, from Atlanta, who is currently actively dating, said, “It’s easier to just create a private account because you still want to DM. You can't track me if you don't know my middle name to find me."

  7. He jumps to extreme conclusions over social media followers – Even if it is your cousin
  8. Boys night out happens every night

    The good news is he probably won't be hooking up with another girl during that time...ever.

  9. He stops answering texts but is on the 'gram commenting/liking on other girls' pics
  10. he lies about where he really is

    That girl will be like a sister by fall, so he is legit being honest.

  11. He downgrades his look

    "Netflix and chill" doesn't require a dress code.

  12. He fakes depression

    Ricky, 27, from New York, says, “It's pre-heaux season. I am confused about what I want. It makes me depressed and frustrated.”

  13. If he says he needs to 'find himself'

    In the meantime, he is also finding a lot of other girls to help him look.

    The rule is, if you not in a relationship by the summer solstice, give it up. The guy you're dating will have activated his heaux level to 1000 for summer festival season. When fall comes back around, expect that “hey stranger" text. See you then.

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images)


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