See How This Service Will Scrub the Internet of Your Embarrassing Moments

See How This Service Will Scrub the Internet of Your Embarrassing Moments

Major key. Major.

Published June 2, 2017

BrandYourself might be the next best thing next to a post and delete. This startup sells online reputation management software, which helps users apply search engine optimization strategies in order to curate the best personal web profile possible. For people that don't speak internet: It will hide all your weird old photos and tweets and make you look really good to potential employers or schools. 

How refreshing is it to know that all those old twerk videos from college can be gone just like that? These days, it's pretty hard to come across someone who doesn't have at least something they wish was gone from Google. Often times, things get posted without considering future employers, but not getting a second interview because of a drunken night last week five years ago is not a worry

BrandYourself recommends that job seekers between the ages of 25 and 45 build profiles online and then link them to a BrandYourself profile in order to display a positive alternative to any red flags.

It also scans your social media accounts and alerts you to posts that may not be desirable to potential employers or college admissions officers. For example, posts that refer to drug use, alcohol, sex or even mentioning a former employer in a negative way can all jeopardize your future. Users can then choose to delete or keep each flagged post. 

Nearly half of the employers surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2015 admitted to using social media or search results to screen candidates. More than a third said they have disqualified a candidate based off of their findings. New social media screening products like what is offered by Social Intelligence and Fama make it easy to find detrimental posts that may be buried in your social media accounts. In other words, this is worth it, maybe even necessary. 

Currently, its offered at $100 a year, which may be a lot for a teen or a 20-something, but not only is it an investment, it's also not a bad gift. 

"We tried to line it up with graduation," CEO Patrick Ambron mentioned. 

Parents have seen the benefit in the service and have become a good target market. "Kids very much need this, but we've never gotten them to buy it themselves." Ambron says. "They'll use it if someone buys it for them."

This is certainly awesome, but if you want to take the free route and have something to hide, then we'd suggest just making all your profiles private.

Written by Yakira Young

(Photo via Giphy)


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