The Romphim Has Given Birth to a New Trend for Men: Sheer Lace Shorts

Courtesy of HCHALL <> (Photo: Hologram City)

The Romphim Has Given Birth to a New Trend for Men: Sheer Lace Shorts

What will they do next?

Published June 5, 2017

Shortly after the introduction of the now imfamous “RompHim,” the fashion world continues to push forward with the goal of destroying our dignity the internet with lace shorts for men.  

We're always here for anyone, especially men, to push the fashion boundaries. We've seen an outpouring of non-gender specific clothing from mass retailers like Guess, H&M and Zara. 

But is the this latest lace iteration crossing the line?

Like rompers, lace is traditionally worn by women. We will see a lace shirt here and there for a male, but typically, when you think of lace, a woman comes to mind. (Maybe even women's lingerie for the pervs out there.) Apparently, though, that will change for Summer '17 because lace will perhaps become a staple in men’s fashion. 

If you haven’t seen them yet, I'm warning you that lace shorts for men are here and available whether you like it or not. 

The lace shorts in question were introduced by rapper Cazwell for his new music video and were exclusively designed by Hologram City designer Hoza Rodriguez. In the viral picture that premiered the look, the men, as you can see, are wearing matching lace shirts to complement their shorts.

Important fact to notice: the shorts, like the shirts, are pure lace and not an overlay. This effect basically makes the shorts see through. Sexy! Or not depending on who you ask.

When something like this pops up in the lexicon, it's hard for us not to ask: is this another problem for the society when it comes to masculinity?

While some made the idea of lace shorts for men a joke, others were seriously offended:

From an expert perspective, the craftsmanship on these shorts is dope.

Lace is a fabric that is literally handmade, so it’s the epitome of luxury. But the downfall to some is that lace contains the duality of femininity and gentleness. Are men really ready to dip into this luxury moment? Apparently not. But the idea of lace and menswear is not new. Major fashion houses ranging from Gucci to Burberry to Versace have incorporated this textile into their menswear collections dating back to 2013. I think this is why, unlike the “RompHim,” these lace shorts might actually stand a chance. It won't happen overnight, but all it takes is a few other cool people to jump on board and, voila, you have a trend. 

Despite the questionable argument of masculinity and fashion, people seem to be cautiously supportive of this look. It further shows that people are embracing the basic idea that, with fashion, anyone can choose to wear whatever they choose and folks need to just chill out. It’s the dawn of a new day in fashion. Let’s enjoy it. Lace shorts for men #issalook, get over it.

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Hologram City)


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