Black Twitter Goes Off on Kylie for Copying Destiny's Child

060817-Lifestyle-Kylie-Jenner-Camo-Bikini (Photo: The Kylie Shop via Instagram)

Black Twitter Goes Off on Kylie for Copying Destiny's Child

This isn't the first time she's claimed ownership of an existing trend.

Published June 8, 2017

Miss Kristen Kylie Jenner has taken agency over trends in the past, once saying she "started" wigs, which, girl, no you didn't. Today, she, or the media, rather, is under fire for trying to assign ownership of this trend to the youngest KarJenner. 

Perez Hilton had the audacity to tweet, "Kylie Jenner is trying to make camo bikinis a thing..." It didn't take long for #BlackTwitter to call him on it.

Pulling images of Destiny's Child from their iconic "Survivor" music video, circa 2001, it became very apparent that this is something we've seen before. (And might we add, they did it better.) Though Kylie was a mere 4 years old when that video came out, luckily the internet has a longer memory than the average blogger.

With the World Wide Web's vast archive, evidence that Destiny's Child started this trend (and a myriad of others as well) will keep on surviving.

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: The Kylie Shop via Instagram)


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