See How Marajuana for Period Cramps Is Becoming a Thing

Medical marijuana buds in large prescription bottle with branded cap on black background. (Photo: tvirbickis/Getty Images)

See How Marajuana for Period Cramps Is Becoming a Thing

Whoopi Goldberg is rallying for the cause.

Published June 8, 2017

Ladies who suffer from severe menstrual cramps and find no refuge in popping Midol, there might be hope on the way. According to CBS News, The New York State Assembly is considering a bill to add dysmenorrhea (the medical name for menstrual cramps) to the list of conditions for which doctors can legally authorize a patient to use medical marijuana. Cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis are a few of  the conditions listed already cleared for medical marijuana use in New York.

Hopefully the bill is passed and can offer relief from debilitating period pain. The bill already has one fan—Whoopi Goldberg. The talented star sells a line of medical marijuana products that are marketed specifically for period pain, Newsweek reported. Read the whole bill written by the NY assemblywoman leading the movement.

So the question is, does marijuana really help with menstrual pain? There hasn't been any solid studies that have shown that there's a benefit to using marijuana for menstrual cramps, said Dr. Charles Pollack, an emergency-medicine physician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and the director of the university's Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp.

However Pollack told Live Science, "it's not out of the realm of the possible" that the drug could be helpful with menstrual cramps. Let’s keep hope alive!

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: tvirbickis/Getty Images)


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