Kim Kardashian Just Announced Her Beauty Line

(Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram)

Kim Kardashian Just Announced Her Beauty Line

Kim was not so comfortable with Kylie being so close to her on the Forbes 100 list.

Published June 13, 2017

Kimberly Noel Kardashian West's ever-expanding throne includes an app, emojis, a kids line, branded merch, the slept on song "Jam," a number of #sponcon deals and much more. One business venture she had yet to explore until today was the world of beauty. Sure, Kim has been the face of brands like Pat McGrath and even collabo'd on a line with her lil' sis's brand Kylie Cosmetics. Kim herself, however, has always been adjacent to the action, not leading it.


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Kimber announced her new beauty line how you'd expect: across all her social accounts. Curiously, she (or her people, rather) used the same font used to promote Kimoji products to announce the new line, aptly called KKW Beauty. The line, of which we have little clues indicating what to expect, will drop June 21.

We can't help but wonder: What will KKW Beauty offer? And what does this mean for Kylie Cosmetics?

In past KarJenner ventures, the family has enlisted the same organizations to create product, as was the case with all of their personal apps and video game apps. Will the company that produces Kylie Cosmetics and ColorPop, Spatz Laboratories, also be responsible for KKW Beauty? It depends what route Kimmie wants to go. Will she want to appeal to the masses or does she want to push high-quality, high-price product?

Though Kylie is guilty of Single White Female-ing her look (and body?), the two have decidedly separate approaches to glam. Kylie's schtick includes full-on everything...strong lip, strong eye, strong eyebrow, full contour, etc. Kim tends to skew toward a more neutral palate, often sporting a nude lip with complimentary neutral lids and, of course, her trusty contour.

Just because tasteful glam is totally Kim's thing doesn't necessarily mean it's what she'll be hawking. If her Kimoji merch products are any indication, she's willing to go off-brand in the name of $ales. This year, Kimoji released ashtrays, rolling papers and hats that said "Still drunk from yesterday." Kim herself does not drink or smoke, as she frequently mentions. So with that in mind, it's still hard to tell exactly what this line might look like. 

We have to ask: does this news have Kylie shaking in her stiletto boots? For a family that was once on the brink of "divide" from an athletics brand deal, we wonder if Kim's pursuit of coin is making things weird. Remember when Kanye once tweeted "THERE WILL NEVER BE A KYLIE PUMA ANYTHING"? And then, shortly after, there was a Kylie Puma something. I mean, when your extended family is as big as this fam's, there's gotta be some konflicts of interest, right?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see. We'll keep you updated on the drop as more news becomes available.

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: Kim Kardashian via Instagram)


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