Tracee Ellis Ross Called Drake Out for This Hilarious Fashion Mistake

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 26:  Drake attends the 2017 NBA Awards at Basketball City - Pier 36 - South Street on June 26, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Tracee Ellis Ross Called Drake Out for This Hilarious Fashion Mistake

We really didn't see this one coming.

Published June 29, 2017

Drake is a very accomplished man — this is an undisputable fact. He can sing, rap, act, ruin Meek Mill's life, design fashion collabs, allegedly has one of the largest residential pools in the United States, and even knew he was a man by the age of six.

So when human beam of sunshine Tracee Ellis Ross revealed by way of Instagram something that Drake has no idea how to do, we were shocked. Particularly because it is an elementary instinct. It's pockets, you guys. Drake does not know how to use pockets.

ME @ChampagnePapi AND HIS PINKY RING ~ 2011 @BETAwards #TBT

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To the untrained eye, in the above photo, Drake may appear to be giving the "rock on" hand symbol. But thanks to Instagram's nifty zoom feature, upon further examination, it can be determined with certainty that Aubrey Drake Graham is incorrectly utilizing his pocket. Oh no, baby, what is you doing???

Yes, this was only Drake's second BET Awards — he could have very well been having a full-on Ricky Bobby "I'm not sure what to do with my hands" moment. Yes, this is also clearly peak "I would pinky swear but my pinky ring too big"-Drake, likely rendering it impossible to fully immerse his hand in said pocket. 

But come on, Aubrey, that's not how you use a pocket, and we think you know better. 

😂😂😂😂 #traceeellisross and #drake Pinky Ring 💍 He had to floss 👀 #fbf

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Drake himself cleared the air, or at least chose a feasible scapegoat, regarding his partially filled pocket woes. "I had tight pockets I couldn't get my whole hand in in time," he wrote. Sure. Personally, we think it's more mature to admit your faults and move on. Rihanna, after all, can't wink; this only makes us love her more. Drake, you do not know how to use a pocket, and that's fine by us. Stick to everything else you excel at, and leave your entire hand out of the pocket for now. Thank us later.

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)


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