See All the Wigs Blac Chyna Has Worn in the Past 3 Days

See All the Wigs Blac Chyna Has Worn in the Past 3 Days

And the memes keep coming.

Published July 11, 2017

If this past week is any indication of what the Blac Chyna Redemption Tour will look like, her aesthetic narrative will, in part, be shaped by many, many wigs. In the past three days alone, she's worn three wigs. Like, damn, that's a lot of wigs. Let's break it down.

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Three days ago, she sported this unicorn confection of a rainbow of pastels. This one seemed to say, "I'll do it better than Kylie." That wasn't going to fly over the weekend, though, when said Redemption Tour truly kicked off. 

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By Friday afternoon, attorney Lisa Bloom confirmed on Twitter that she would be representing Chyna. Soon after, news broke that the two taped an interview with Good Morning America over the weekend. Chyna wore this more conservative wig, traditional if you will, featuring long, blond beach waves, during the interview, which aired yesterday morning.

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Chyna appears to be wearing her Good Morning America wig in a slightly different style here. Looks like she did an exclusive with Us Weekly, according to her caption. So I guess we can expect that cover to drop any minute now!

By Monday, she changed it up again in favor of a blunt-cut, tousled lob, truly the perfect court look. Chyna stood alongside Bloom while she made a statement. Rob Kardashian did not appear in court today, but his lawyer, Robert Shapiro, was there on his behalf. Shapiro worked with Kardashian's father, Robert Sr., as they were both on O.J. Simpson's legal team, known as the "dream team," proving that time is truly a flat circle.

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So many lace fronts, so little time. This lengthy legal battle is just getting started. We'll continue to keep you updated on Chyna's public appearances, as they are sure to occur.

Meanwhile, the memes have started to roll in, and we aren't sure how this drama will play out, but either way the internet remains undefeated. 

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