See the $3K Coat Rihanna Is Wearing in the Middle of an LA Summer

Rihanna goes to Giorgio baldi in Santa Monica, CA. 
Pictured: Rihanna
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See the $3K Coat Rihanna Is Wearing in the Middle of an LA Summer

She's always made her own rules and now she makes her own clothes.

Published July 14, 2017

In Rihanna's world, rules don't apply. So yesterday when she stepped out in a jacket as a dress in Los Angeles, it was business as usual in a look that likely couldn't be rocked by anyone else. The bad gal was repping her Puma line hard in an all-Fenty-everything outfit consisting of their tiered jacket ($2,600) and lace-up heels ($450) for an outfit totaling $3,050. And she looks fab, might we add.

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The jacket reminds us of the anorack in a sack situation that we used to have as kids. If we wore this outfit, we'd probably skew more burlap sack vibes, but RiRi's magical aura has the ability to turn this look into a chic baby-doll dress silhouette. Go figure!

Of course her gold jewelry and burgundy handbag also play a part in transforming these two oddly paired garments into a veritable outfit, but the je ne sais quoi is 100 percent Rih. We're not worthy!

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: Danimal / Splash News)


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