We Finally Have A Release Date For The New $1K iPhone

(Photo: Apple)

We Finally Have A Release Date For The New $1K iPhone

See the design that Apple just confirmed.

Published July 19, 2017

UPDATE: New details regarding the iPhone 8 have come to light thanks to intel leaks this past week. It's been revealed that the newest iteration of the smart phone will be available for purchase starting September 12 (very soon!) as confirmed by the Wall Street Journal, and the lowest price point will start at "$999 — a whopping $350 price increase over the entry level iPhone 7," according to ForbesIt is estimated that the highest price point will be around the $1,200 area for the greatest data capacity. It's already being hailed as the "most exciting iPhone yet." Will you be dropping a stack on the new phone?

PREVIOUS: The much-anticipated iPhone 8 design is here at long last. And judging by our first look at the all-new phone, the iPhone 8 has a much different look than previous phones.

Pictured above, perhaps the boldest update is the home button--or lack thereof. Most details regarding the phone's new capabilities are still under wraps, but Forbes notes that the larger "power button" on the side of the phone could potentially function as a fingerprint reader, mentioning that Apple already has a patent for this purpose.

The new horizontal camera feature is said to be designed that way to be better compatible with Augmented Reality "where horizontally aligned cameras are more effective and the phone is expected to be held in a landscape orientation." The overall display of the phone will also be the largest yet, as seen above.

The headphone jack, which was omitted from the iPhone 7 design to the dismay of many, will not be included in this update either. So for a rumored $1,000, you'll be afforded the opportunity to lose one half of your AirPods™ and look dumb with severed-looking headphones sticking out of your ears. Tragic.

Although there's a lot that's yet to be confirmed about this model, we know it's the iPhone's 10th anniversary this year, so Apple is likely to do it big. There's no confirmed drop date right now for the iPhone 8. 

Will you be copping?

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Apple)


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