Guys Are O.D. With These Bags to Protect Sneakers From the Rain

071717-Lifestyle-Drysteppers-Yeezy-Dry-STepper-Shoe-Bags (Photo: Drysteppers via Youtube)

Guys Are O.D. With These Bags to Protect Sneakers From the Rain

How far is too far?

Published July 19, 2017

How far will you go to make sure a pair of sneakers stay “box fresh”? I know sneakerheads have invested a lot of money into water/stain repellant sprays to keep accidental spills and random acts of nature from destroying their beloved expensive sneakers. Some people, even after spraying the sneaker down, remain in fear and never even wear the sneakers to avoid any potential heartache. After all, the spray isn’t 100 percent safe. What about the snow, someone stepping on your shoe on a crowded train, and most importantly, what about the bottoms? How do we protect our precious sneakers from the run of the mill dirt and mud!? It's a lot.

Well this company, Dry Steppers, has a solution to keep your shoes in pristine condition and its a sensation among stylish sneakerheads. 

A sneaker expert crafted and designed slip-on shoe guards that are water resistant and created to repel most inclement weather conditions.  So yep — you are safe from rain, snow, mud, dog poop in the parks, and other situations that seek to destroy your priceless sneakers!

I know what you’re thinking: “Maurice, what about my YEEZYs and limited edition Jordans that I paid an insane amount of cash to show people I own a rare pair? How will they know the value of these sneakers under this slip thing?”

No worries! This company thought of that too and designed coveted silhouettes such as the YEEZY BOOST 750, the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2, and Air Jordan 11s for those rare pairs. So you will remain in style and EVERYONE will know it. 

Admittedly, this is a little O.D. Shoes are made for wearing, and walking and then buying new ones when something unfortunate wears them down.

This plastic contraption will do little to save you.

Now, what we don’t want to see is a YEEZY BOOST cover over Keds. Also, these slip-on guards being worn as everyday shoe covers because you don’t want to mess up your shoes. Remember the living room furniture that remained in the plastic all year? And people had to see it in your grandmother’s home? That vibe... but mobile. Come on, bruh. They will judge you. FYI, you will look extremely crazy. 

The price tag for these shoe guards: $20. A small price to pay to protect what some view as their national treasures, sneakers!  Sneakerheads — do you dig it or nah? 

Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: Drysteppers via Instagram)


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