See What Happened When These Ladies Teamed Up After Figuring Out One Guy Was Trying to Date Them All

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See What Happened When These Ladies Teamed Up After Figuring Out One Guy Was Trying to Date Them All

A "John Tucker Must Die" situation ensued.

Published August 8, 2017

The world of online dating is, unfortunately, fraught with terrible human beings. And because of the relative anonymity that's granted, people can hide their otherwise bright red flags pretty well. Until, of course, you meet them in person and they become all too apparent. 

A Bumble user was in for a rude awakening last night after he did something in unquestionably bad taste: he set up dates with six women in one evening. Frankly, that sounds exhausting. Who would do this? A trash male, obviously.

Before all the drama unfolded, there was just Date No. 1, Lisette Pylant, and the aforementioned trash male. The date itself didn't exactly go smoothly. Also let's note it was Pylant's birthday yesterday. The guy showed up to the date with a sparkly blue cane.

“He said to me [about the cane] ‘You know $23 at CVS and you can call yourself a pimp.’” Um...he sounds like a low budget version of 2011 Scott Disick. You may recall that in 2011 Scott started wielding a cane and demanded to be referred to as Lord Disick, basically the opposite of a totally normal thing for a well-adjusted adult male to do. 

But it gets worse. “I wouldn’t say he was much of a feminist,” Pylant said, which is the nicest possible way to indicate a dude is a full-blown misogynist. But of course, you'd have to be to pull this kind of a stunt. He told Pylant that he had to meet friends at 6:15 p.m., which was fine by Pylant, as she was very understandably not feeling the vibe. 

Dude wasn't even good at trying to be a player. At 6:15, the second date showed up. If you're going to be a POS, at least execute properly — not accounting for buffer time is a rookie mistake. It was then that Pylant did the following: she let Date No. 2 know what was good and then she started tweeting about her experience. And let us tell you, it gets way crazier.

Phew, that was a #thread and a half. To recap, this dude intended to go on six rapid succession dates in one evening — and it was a big fail. He really tried it! The thread went viral soon after, and even the guy who wrote John Tucker Must Die chimed in to congratulate Pylant on her citizen journalism. Dating sucks, humans suck, but what doesn't suck is the sisterhood that fostered a new friendship between these six ladies as a result of this miserable situation.   

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Katrina Marie Avila via Instgram)


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