Watch This Woman Propose to Her Boyfriend in Times Square

Close-up of bride placing wedding ring on groom's hand

Watch This Woman Propose to Her Boyfriend in Times Square

People are just not having the reverse proposal.

Published August 8, 2017

When we think about a proposal, many of us imagine a romantic location, a beautiful ring and a man on bended knee, but a viral video of a woman proposing to her boyfriend in Times Square in New York City is creating some serious conversation. With the conversation of equality on the rise, is the traditional male proposal ideal too old school?

If you didn’t see the video that seems to be on everyone’s timeline, check it out below:

#PressPlay: Sis said let me reclaim my time 😩😩 #HeSaidYes 💍

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While the fiancé looked quite shocked about the adorable proposal from his girlfriend, he went along with it. He said yes! But many men are not here for it:

Even women had a lot to say:

Although more were against the idea, there were people who were completely for the adorable proposal and questioned why it was such a big deal!

While we understand that society prefers not to change tradition, this was definitely not the first or the last time you will see a woman propose to the man of her dreams.

As we continue to watch reverse proposal be a hot topic, we know that as long as there are men totally against the idea of women on bended knee, and others wondering why they have to be the only one to bow down, there will always be a healthy debate.

Either way, we want to know what you are thinking. Is reverse proposal out of the question?

Written by Tweety Elitou

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