See Post-Twins Beyoncé Stop Hearts by Wearing Short Shorts

See Post-Twins Beyoncé Stop Hearts by Wearing Short Shorts

The snap back game is real.

Published August 9th

It's been almost two months since Beyoncé gave birth to Gemini twins, and it appears she's transitioning back into her public life. 

Beyoncé is back to her "normal" life, or whatever normal may mean to the average billionaire celebrity. Since giving birth to Sir and Rumi just under two months ago, Bey has slowly started to been seen in public more, in addition to being more active on social media. 

We've seen her back in heels, sipping wine with her twins (her other twins, that is) and wearing graphic tees. Now, in her most revealing post-twins look yet, Yonce just wants to remind you just who the f*ck she is. In severely distressed, lace-up cutoffs and a Fila crop top, her waist is looking snatched. The snap-back game is real, folks! 

Take it all in, below, and try not to drool too much on your electronic device in the process. Bey is back, bow down bitches. 


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Written by BET Staff

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