See How This Now Engaged Couple Found Love In An UberPool

See How This Now Engaged Couple Found Love In An UberPool

Their fairytale romance will make you think twice before choosing UberX.

Published August 16, 2017

Looking for love and getting nowhere? Well, you’re probably just using the wrong app — and we're not talking about Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid or whatever new age dating app you’re into. We're talking about Uber. Yes, it’s true that Uber is a phone-to-door taxi service that really has absolutely nothing to do with dating, but one lucky passenger found the love of her life in an UberPool, so we’re totally convinced that she’s on to something.

Jenisa Young recounted her storybook romance for, which started out with accidentally clicking UberPool trying to order a car while visiting Los Angeles for the first time. She was pleasantly surprised when her driver pulled up with a handsome stranger in the backseat. Jenisa was slightly shy, but thanks to her meddlesome Uber driver (aka Cupid) breaking the ice, she and Lester exchanged numbers. It turns out Lester was also visiting LA, but the two made time to meet up the next day at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. They hit it off and the beginnings of their long distance relationship kicked off. Jenisa was living in Atlanta while Lester resided in Detroit. After countless flights and meeting her family, Jenisa knew Lester was the one and moved to Chicago to be with him (she’s a model so she can take her gig with her anywhere). Their love story doesn’t end there, because at the top of 2017, the happy couple got engaged on vacay in Colombia. *swoons*

“He proposed on the rooftop of our Airbnb home during dinner. The chef brought out this cake box and she insisted on handing it to me. I kept telling her, ‘No, it’s not my birthday, it’s his’ and pointing to Lester. He finally goes, ‘Babe, open it.’ I open the cake box and it’s a chocolate cake with roses on the side and a FREAKING RING BOX!” she wrote.

“We may have guidelines and fantasies of how we think our love stories should go, but they don’t always materialize as planned. I’ve truly learned that we need to remain open, follow our intuition, and take more chances.”

So here’s what we all want to know…does the Uber driver get an invite to the wedding, though?

Brought #him into the new year 😜 #mce ((I finally have one lol))

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Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo: Jenisa Young via Instagram)


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