How Sway?!: See This Makeup Vlogger Apply Foundation With A Chicken Nugget

How Sway?!: See This Makeup Vlogger Apply Foundation With A Chicken Nugget

@PrettywithLee explains it all in an exclusive interview.

Published August 24, 2017

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Twenty-three-year-old Brooklyn-based beauty vlogger @PrettywithLee took the DIY makeup tool trend to new heights in her latest video featuring a chicken nugget.

Yes, the kind you eat...and no, we cannot make these types of things up. 

Using miscellaneous objects for makeup application has gotten pretty popular across social media sites. We’ve seen tutorials using everything ranging from sponge rollers to condoms to even eggs to beat people's faces. 

“I find those videos so funny—and I'm one [vlogger] who does it...I mean I just used a chicken nugget on my last video; who does that?” shares Lee, who started creating her own beauty tutorials two years ago.

[Editor’s Note: We previously wrote about one woman who supposedly used her man’s *ahem* balls to blend her makeup?! Don’t believe us? Click here.

“It’s like no one uses a beauty blender or brushes anymore,” she adds.” I do my videos for a good laugh, but I didn't think people were going to take it serious!”

Well, her 30.8k followers certainly do. Lee has racked up thousands of views using everything from diapers to oversized brushes and even a maxi pad to achieve a flawless face.

"Some videos might be me doing a face mask, a simple look, or blending with something crazy, " she explains. " I really love makeup — It has become the best thing in my life!"

Can’t say we will try it, but we will be watching to see what Lee does next! 

Written by Janell M. Hickman

(Photo: prettywithlee via Instagram)


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