See Rihanna's Sexy Take On The Canadian Tuxedo

See Rihanna's Sexy Take On The Canadian Tuxedo

And she was accidentally #twinning with Drake.

Published August 31, 2017

It's a love story as old as time: two star-crossed ex-lovers in a twist of fate find themselves both in the same foreign city, coincidentally wearing matching 'fits.

OK, so maybe this isn't some Romeo and Juliet-ish, but it is some Drake and Rihanna-ish. Last night, in the romantic city of London, both RiRi and Drizzy stepped out to enjoy the city's famed nightlife (albeit at different venues) in matching 'fits.

Is this a stylish conspiracy? 

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Before we start making our #Aubrih wedding mood board, let's assess the facts.

RiRi is rumored/basically confirmed to be dating someone who is not Drake. Drake, just last week, looked remarkably sad while wearing socks with his ex on them. 

However, it just seems *too perfectly coincidental* that the former flames have worn two matching outfits in the past month. (Yes, the all-denim 'fit is the second one.)

Lastly, we don't want to read too much into it, but we're going to, so deal: they were both wearing CANADIAN TUXEDOS last night.

As you may have heard once or twice in the past, Aubrey Drake Graham just so happens to hail from America's hat. OK, enough rampant speculation, let's move on to outfit deetz.

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Rih once again employed fashion diplomacy by wearing British designer Stella McCartney's denim jacket, that retails for $880 (which you can find here). She carried her trusty white Dior clutch, available in the label's boutique for a mere $2,450 and matched her blood red lip to her $1,090 Tom Ford pumps. All together, minus the pants, which we have yet to identify, the price of this 'fit comes out to $4,420. NBD!

And although she was completely cloaked in denim, RiRi amped up the sex appeal by strategically buttoning just one button, right below her breast plate tattoo. Her unexpected neon yellow nails, shaped in her favorite stiletto style, add just the right touch to make this a perfect summer-to-fall transitional fit. 

This is hardly the first time RiRi has pledged her allegiance to denim. As seen above, she's been counter-intuitively wearing Canadian tuxedos sporadically throughout the summer. And she always has a Dior bag on hand.

Though this may be the official 'fit of Drake's native country, just like everything else she wears, Rihanna manages to morph the look into something that is uniquely her own. 

Stop playing with our hearts, Aubrih, and, like, coordinate different 'fits or something! If we happen to catch one more matching outfit, apologies in advance, we're gonna have to sound the alarm. After all, three's a trend!

Leave it to Rih to rock one of the heaviest textiles during summer without so much as breaking an upper-lip sweat.

Teach us your ways, queen; we're not worthy!

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