Will 2016 Be Good for You? Ask a Psychic

Will 2016 Be Good for You? Ask a Psychic

Will 2016 Be Good for You? Ask a Psychic

Can a psychic advisor hold the answer to your questions?

Published December 30, 2015

Have you ever visited a psychic, or are you curious about the experience of having a live reading? If so, there may be someone to help answer life's questions for you. BET Networks has partnered with Psychic Source for the 2016 “New Year, New You” campaign. The partnership is aimed at bridging BET’s diverse audience with Psychic Source’s most popular psychic advisers through live readings and a Twitter contest involving BET program predictions.


Among Psychic Source’s top psychic advisers are Arielle, Elijah and Tasa, who will lend their services to the campaign. “When I’m talking to you on the phone, I can feel your energy,” Tasa said in a video announcing the partnership. “You can be who you are, you don’t have to hide. Some things we don’t want to say around family and friends, but, you know, speaking to a stranger at that point, it gives you anonymity.”

After a reading with Elijah, he said he wants callers to feel “more aligned, more enlightened, less burdened, comfortable with your direction, and I want you to feel empowered and sure about your next step,” he said.

Tasa explained how divine guidance influences her readings. “I consider my greatest psychic gift being healing because I work with angles around the clock, so that healing energy I always put into the people I’m communicating with.”

Looking ahead, one caller’s feedback was that “the psychic seemed passionate about my career growth, which I will take seriously.”

Another said, “Spoke with Arielle on Saturday. She was very pleasant and insightful. Overall I felt very much at ease and believe that I received some very good advice. I really wish I had even more time!”

To learn more about getting your first live reading, visit http://www.bet.com/PsychicSource.

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