Tia Mowry Tackles It All – Family, the Flu and Food

Tia Mowry Tackles It All: Flu, Food and #OscarsSoWhite

Tia Mowry Tackles It All – Family, the Flu and Food

Right now, the supermom is focused on home.

Published January 22, 2016

Tia Mowry is basically a household name. At this point you’re familiar with her successful acting resume: Sister Sister, Twitches, The Game, Instant Mom, and most recently joined the cast of Rosewood. The supermom, wife, cook, author, producer and actress (yes, she does it all) is now tackling the flu with FluMist Quadrivalent to encourage moms and families about flu prevention. We dive into all the tea with Tia below.

What's your most important tip for Flu season?

Well, I partnered with AstraZeneca to help launch the “Mom Nose Best” campaign, where I provide tips for flu season. You can find those at TiasFluTips.com. But I guess one of the easiest tips that most people already know is to make sure that you wash your hands. It’s such an important thing to do during this season that’s so effective.

Also, when I pick my son up from up school we change his clothes when he gets home and they go straight into the wash. The flu virus lives for up to 8 hours, so that’s a great way to prevent germs he might have picked up during the day. It’s very important for him to eat healthy throughout the day, too. Antioxidants like oranges and blueberries make great snacks.

Your cooking show has really taken off. Can you suggest any easy meals to fight the flu?

In terms of flu prevention, for my son I’ll do a quick smoothie usually with spinach, avocado or broccoli. And then throw in strawberries and blueberries to hide the greens. Soups are also great and feeds your soul when you’re sick in bed and are perfect for the weather right now. I love a good Miso soup, it’s fermented. It really helps with the immune system. I’ll add tofu, carrots and seaweed.

What are your favorite dishes to cook?  

One of my fave meals to make for Cree is spaghetti and turkey meatballs. Cory loves my grilled lollipop lamb chops using agave, fresh mint and herbes de Provence, which is an herb blend from France. Mine is probably my fried chicken and waffles. It’s not the healthiest, but it’s my guilty pleasure. I make my waffles gluten free, and add bacon bits. I use rice flour and peanut oil for the fried chicken.

You cook, act, produce, write... What do you love doing the most?

I love them all. I have my Whole New You cookbook I’m currently working on. Producing is a passion I truly enjoy. I got to produce with Instant Mom, so definitely more of that.

You’re playing Cassie on Rosewood. Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

Cassie was a runaway. She was homeless and fell in love with Pippy (Rosewood’s sister) when they were teenagers. She kind of encouraged Pippy to be who she is today.

I wasn’t really focused on playing the part of a lesbian. I liked what she stood for. I believe in embracing who you are and loving who you are. Be you. For me love is love.

You and Tamera have become successful in your own separate niches in the industry, but fans still love when you guys collaborate together. Is there anything we can look forward to?

Well, our book, Twintuition: Double Vision, is out right now. And the second installment will be available in April.

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Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz


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