See The Realistic Self Portrait This Artist Made On Her Own Nails

(Photo: Dain Yoon, @Designdain via Instagram)
Contact: Dain Yoon,
Date: 9/15/17

See The Realistic Self Portrait This Artist Made On Her Own Nails

It's very...lifelike.

Published September 18, 2017

Just when we thought the crazy brow trend was getting overboard…

In the wacky world of nails, we had to do a double-take when we spotted self-proclaimed visual illusion artist Dain Yoon’s take on the “selfie nail.”

Say hi🖐🏻 to Dain1, Dain2, Dain3, Dain4... painted all by myself @designdain 🎨

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Yes, these are hand-painted images of Dain herself complete with hair to match. We have so many feelings about this.

Known by her 200K IG followers for her head-turning art, Dain Yoon took her skills to a new level by hand-painting herself on her nails. The process took a whopping five hours for just one hand — talk about patience!

“As I always did, I chose to use my own body as the canvas because I believed that conveying my perceptions through my body would be most effective,” she shared via email.

“I want to express my vision on the [best] canvas in the world — my body. I had painting [myself] on my nails in mind since last year.”

We had to know — did she use real hair for her mani? “I used [a] wig the first time for the test, but I will do next work with my real hair!” she shared.

When asked about the wearability, she acknowledged this definitely isn’t a daily look. “It was meant to be ‘art’ moreso than a beauty trend,” she explains. But as predicted, people are already trying to recreate the look on their own. 

Matildain 🕊

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We’re not sure if we are on board to try this one, but we admire Dain Yoon’s creativity and boldness for sure.  

Written by Janell M. Hickman

(Photo: Designdain via Instagram)


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