See The Newest Makeup Trend That Is Transforming Individuals Into Bratz Dolls'

(Photo: @omanrochelle via Twitter, Bratz)

See The Newest Makeup Trend That Is Transforming Individuals Into Bratz Dolls'

Barbie aint got nothing on this facebeat!

Published September 22, 2017

Week after week, the internet churns out increasingly wackier beauty trends, all with the hopes of garnering likes via shock value. To be honest, we've reached peak eyebrow fatigue! Call us crazy, but we think we should just leave eyebrows in a somewhat natural shape. 

So when we noticed the latest beauty craze to set social media ablaze, it was like a breath of fresh air. Though the origins regarding the resurfacing of this trend may be debatable, one thing's not: the latest trend is totally wearable — and extremely cute!


When we were growing up, Bratz dolls were the the items at the tippity top of our holiday wish lists. Having been raised in the late '90s, the era that bred the frosty eyes, frosty lips and dark makeup trends, Bratz dolls, though released in 2001, perpetuated the beauty ideals that were popularized by our favorite pop stars. All in all, we were still rocking with the idea of a frosty lewk and dark lip liner by the time these dolls hit shelves.

Where Barbies were, by and large, white with hallmark features of whiteness, Bratz dolls were more diverse, edgier and — let's admit it — had better style. After all, the jingle that accompanied the dolls' advertisements since their inception declared, "The girls with a passion for fashion." Barbie's slogan, by comparison, is, "We girls can do anything." Meh.

Let's be frank: Bratz dolls were the thottiest dollies around. And though our parents cringed when we requested them, we loved them all the more. With their sometimes wild, always on-trend looks and several iterations of beauty salon play sets, we don't think it'd be a stretch to say that Bratz dolls fostered our individuality, love for makeup and, of course, passion for fashion. 

They say some things never change. In the case of our feelings on Bratz, we still think their looks are bomb. In the midst of a seemingly never-ending aughts revival, it only makes sense that we shout out the Bratz gals one time.

Ladies, and even some dudes, have caught on. With side-by-side comparisons, life is imitating art in that people are copying their favorite Bratz dolls' looks. And just like we still think Bratz look cute, these makeups are soooo cute! The folks below have us thinking, "It's good to be a Bratz!" (wink, wink.)

I love these #bratzdoll posts 😍 Y'all are so cute @marruechee #BlackBratz (her eyebrows are naturally thick so stfu)

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1? 2? Or 3? #passion4fashion #bratzdoll #bratzsasha #trends

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Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: @omanrochelle via Twitter, Bratz)


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