Is Rihanna Expanding Into Skincare And Liquor?

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 19:  Rihanna attends the 'FENTY Beauty' by Rihanna launch at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge on September 19, 2017 in London, England.  (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Is Rihanna Expanding Into Skincare And Liquor?

If this is true, our Fenty cup runneth over!

Published September 25, 2017

Is Rihanna all on your mouth like liquor? Pretty soon that could be more than a lyric.

Since launching on September 8, Fenty Beauty has been discussed at length — especially at the BET Offices. Between her coveted 40 foundation shades, her insane NYFW show, a new Fenty Beauty holiday collection and endless designer #lewks, Rihanna is making major moves.

But her biggest money move (sang in our Cardi B voice) yet? She might be expanding into the skincare and spirits realm.

This is not a drill people, we have receipts.

According to a screenshot by @MrMouthAlmighty, Rihanna’s is trying to secure a place in the skincare market.

Apparently, a trademark has been requested for “House of Fenty” specifically for "goods and services," including "non-medicated skin care preparations, namely, creams, lotions, gels, toners," implying the brand must already have some skincare items in the works.

PopSugar Beauty points out that trademark application is not only still pending as of September 21, but also says it was registered back in 2014 along with other potential businesses that Rihanna has yet launch.


As if you weren’t gagging enough, Rihanna and co. also applied for a second trademark. “Fenty Estates Wine and Spirits Company” was submitted to the U.S. Patent Office last month, as a Rihanna fan account noted on Twitter over the weekend. 


Wait, so you mean to tell us we can remove our Fenty Beauty with our House of Fenty in our Puma x Fenty while drinking Fenty Wine? We are D.O.A.

For right now, everything is just hearsay, but we have a pretty big inkling all of our dreams are about to come true.

The Rihanna reign continues! 

Written by Janell M. Hickman

(Photo: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)


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