See What BET Staffers Use To Battle Dry Skin

See What BET Staffers Use To Battle Dry Skin

Find out what made the cut to banish that ash.

Published September 29, 2017

Listen, finding the perfect lotion for our beautiful melanin is not always easy.

We've seen plenty of magazine round-ups suggesting the "best lotions" for our skin, but they don't always work to banish dry, ashy skin. As women of color, you already know we don’t fit into a generic mold.

Of course, finding the right product requires a bit of trial and error. To assist in your quest for your softest skin yet, we spoke to a few BET Digital staff members (including our own beauty editor!) to see what keeps them hydrated during the big seasonal switch. 

Here's what their using to keep dry skin at bay: 

  1. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, $11


    Our Beauty Editor Janell Hickman says:

    "I know it's not super fancy, but it's the perfect solve for sensitive skin like mine. It hydrates without feeling greasy and lasts until I rinse off in the evening. I also love that you can use it on your face as well — which makes the higher drugstore cost worth it!"

    Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, $11 — Buy Here

  2. Nivea Original Moisture Body Lotion with Vitamin E, $6


    BET Executive Assistant Jacqueline Smith says:

    "Nivea has other moisturizing lotions in its collection — but nothing compares to the original. I tend to have really dry skin during the winter months and this lotion completely alleviates that uncomfortable feeling of dry, itchy skin. It glides on smooth without being greasy with a very light scent. I keep a travel size sample on me at all times as it is delicate enough to apply to my face and hand cream."

    NIVEA Original Daily Moisture Lotion, $6 — Buy Here

  3. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion Fragrance Free, $7


    Segment Producer and On-Air Host Tiffany Ervin says:

    "Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion is the! I don't need a super fancy scented lotion, I'll be ashy again in like an hour (laughs). Palmer's keeps me moisturized all day."

    Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion Fragrance Free, $7 — Buy Here

  4. Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion, $10


    Manager, Specials/OnTV Candice Grevious says:

    "It’s not sexy, but I have eczema and it gets the job done."

    Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion, $10 — Buy Here

  5. Eucerin Moisturizing Creme, Original, $7


    Interactive Content Producer Essie Michelle says:

    "My best kept beauty secret is Eucerin Moisturizing Cream. It’s a thick cream, but its literally the best moisturizing product on the market! It helps deeply penetrate the skin to leave the skin soft and smooth. It’s also dermatologist-tested, so it’s amazing for people with eczema and/or psoriasis. "

    Eucerin Original Moisturizing Creme, $7 — Buy Here

  6. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion, $6


    Lifestyle Writer Tweety Elitou says:

    "My favorite lotion for the fall/winter is definitely Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion. It makes my skin completely soft and radiant. Did I also mention it smells great?"

    Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion, $6 — Buy Here

  7. Cleopatra's Choice 100% Pure Gold Organic Shea Butter, $9
    (Photo: Cleopatraâ  s Choice)
    (Photo: Cleopatra’s Choice)


    Interactive Producer Milena Toro says:

    "I use African Shea Butter imported from Ghana. It’s raw with no additives and the $10 tub will last you forever. I get mine from It also helped with inflammation on my skin when I had cystic acne. I used to use it on my face at night."

    Gold Shea Butter 100% Organic, $9 — Buy Here

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: BET)


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