The Internet Is Not Happy About Jeremy Lin's Controversial New 'Locs'

SHENZHEN, CHINA - JULY 24:  NBA player Jeremy Lin of the Brooklyn Nets attends a press conference ahead of a charity game on July 24, 2017 in Shenzhen, China.  (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

The Internet Is Not Happy About Jeremy Lin's Controversial New 'Locs'

See what the basketball player had to say about the backlash.

Published October 5, 2017

ICYMI: The Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks went head-to-head during a pre-season game last night. You might wonder what that has to do with you, but we’re getting there.

Jeremy Lin, a Brooklyn Nets point guard, is no stranger to switching up his style, but the internet unleashed their Twitter fingers when they peeped his new locs.

Yep, homeboy is rocking dreads on the court. Receipts below:

Apparently, the b-ball star had a feeling no one would be here for his look and quickly whipped up a “thoughtful” blog post (aka PR tactic) on The Players' Tribune to quell the rage that most of Black America felt. Of course, he cleverly titled it “So…About My Hair.”

Errr, we’re listening. Read a few highlights below as we sip our Gatorade (and mind our business): 

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“I never thought I’d ever think so much about hair. Honestly, at first I was surprised anyone would care what I did with my hair. When I started growing it out a few years ago in Charlotte, it was just something I was doing with six of my family members and friends. It was meant to be fun, and to be an expression of freedom.

“There was one type of response, however, that made me pause. With my other hairstyles, the worst thing people said about them was like, 'Dude, that looks dumb.' But I didn’t care too much. I was doing it for me. But with dreads, I came to understand that it was different. Friends would say things like, 'Bro, what about appropriation?'”

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“I’ll be honest: At first I didn’t see the connection between my own hair and cultural appropriation. Growing up, I’d only ever picked from one or two hairstyles that were popular among my friends and family at the time. But as an Asian-American, I do know something about cultural appropriation. I know what it feels like when people get my culture wrong. I know how much it bothers me when Hollywood relegates Asian people to token sidekicks, or worse, when it takes Asian stories and tells them without Asian people.

"I know how it feels when people don’t take the time to understand the people and history behind my culture. I’ve felt how hurtful it is when people reduce us to stereotypes of Bruce Lee or 'shrimp fried rice.' It’s easy to brush some of these things off as 'jokes,' but eventually they add up. And the full effect of them can make you feel like you’re worth less than others, and that your voice matters less than others.”

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“Again, I may not have gotten it right with my idea to get dreads. But I hope that this is a start, not an end, to more dialogue about our differences. We need more empathy, more compassion and less judgment. That takes actual work and communication. So let’s start now — please join me.

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So, while we have plenty of personal thoughts about this, we do have to give Jeremy credit for trying to explain his journey here — and recognizing his potential hair faux pas!

After all, giving credit where credit is due is a W in our book. What do you think about his new look?

Written by BET Staff

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