Aubrey O'Day Prematurely Kicks Off 'Problematic' Halloween 2017

(Photo: Audrey O'Day via Instagram)

Aubrey O'Day Prematurely Kicks Off 'Problematic' Halloween 2017

See her controversial interpretations.

Published October 17, 2017

For some, the most frightening aspects of Halloween involve people dressing as clowns and the possibility of receiving raisins instead of candy. (Seriously, neighbors? You have 364 other days to encourage us to be healthy.)

For us, however, we know the scariest part of Halloween to be when less-than-woke folks come out of the woodwork ready to rock their problematic costumes.

Apparently, Halloween came early for Aubrey O'Day. The singer took to the 'gram to show her enthusiasm for the spookiest day of the year (save for 45's inauguration). All that hype, however, resulted in some questionable costumes. 

First off, let's discuss the makeup O'Day hashtagged as "Jack O'Lantern," leaving us to believe that she was going for a carved pumpkin vibe. 2 of my FAV Halloween glam!#halloweenmakeup #jackolantern

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We don't see an imitation, cavernous squah plant. We do, however, see someone lookin' like they're ready to post up at the Juggalo's March on Washington event. O'Day is a bit late to the party, as said march occurred in September.

Members of the Insane Clown Posse, also referred to as Juggalos, were protesting their government classification as a "gang." We don't see a ginormous, peen-shaped stone monument anywhere in sight, leading us to believe that O'Day does not count herself as a member of the ICP. In which case — stop *clap* appropriating *clap* Juggalo *clap* culture *clap.* 

Even more distressing were the "Cleopatra" and "Dia De Los Muertos" "costumes." It goes without saying, but since some adult human beings don't get it, cultures are not a costume, folks!

Hide you kids, hide your wife; the problematique costumes are 'bout to come out. Y'all ready to call people out or nah?

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Audrey O'Day via Instagram)


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