Exclusive: YouTube Blogger Felicia Mesadieu Shaves Off All Her Edges So She Could Track The Regrowth (For Real)

(Photo:Ffelicia Mesadieu via Instagram)

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Exclusive: YouTube Blogger Felicia Mesadieu Shaves Off All Her Edges So She Could Track The Regrowth (For Real)

“I went rogue yesterday, I just shaved it all off."

Published November 16, 2017

We always hear about women losing their edges (due to braids, weaves, and lacefronts), but what about snatching your edges? Here's the plot twist...

YouTube hair and beauty blogger Felicia Mesadieu shaved off her own edges and decided to track the regrowth. Yes y'all, she canceled her hairline all for the sake of new growth. 

The natural hair and beauty guru has struggled with her edges breaking from "all the styling and tension that [she] had put on them for years, especially from braids and tight sew-in weaves," Felicia told BET.com

On her YouTube channel, she showed us footage of her taking the razor to her scalp. She says, "I am not satisfied with my hairline. I have found it very difficult to be content with the way things are going with my edges." So, this is when she decided, "it was so serious [she] was that sick of looking at my edges," she shared.

We have heard of all the various regimens to bring back your edges such as oils and serums. However, Felicia had tried it all and is #overit!

Now she uses Be Kekoa Tamanu Oil, a healing oil that is very potent. She told us she "mixes the oil with a little lavender oil, rosemary oil, and Black Jamaican castor oil as well. I apply these oils to my hair nightly and massage for at least five minutes."

Like us, you must be wondering, with one side of her edges gone, how does she wear her hair?

"I mainly wear my hair parted down the middle if my hair is styled in a low bun or a sophisticated chignon," shares Felicia. "If my hair is styled in a twist out, then I will part it to the side making sure my shaved edges are fully covered. I also like to sweep it over to the side."

To summarize, she has definitely mastered the art of covering her lost edges.

Felicia has tracked the growth of her edges and has posted videos with updates. The most recent video (see above) shows her progress six weeks after shaving them.

In addition to her oil blend, she also uses Vicks Vaporub, which we learned is a good way to stimulate hair growth. And she confirms, "she's definitely seen progress from it."

We can't wait to see the triumphant return of her edges. Ladies, would you go to such extreme lengths to salvage your hairline? Sound off below. 

Written by Brianna Allen

(Photo:Ffelicia Mesadieu via Instagram)


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