This Russian MUA Does Not Understand Why He Is Being Dragged For A Blackface Tutorial

(Photo: NotCatArt via Instagram)

This Russian MUA Does Not Understand Why He Is Being Dragged For A Blackface Tutorial

"If people don't like It, well, F**K THEM!"

Published November 28, 2017

One of the dopest things about makeup — and specifically what made us fall in love with it — is that it is a legitimate means of self expression by one's own design.

Conversely, the worst thing about it is that it can be used as an instrument to promote ignorance, racial microaggressions and appropriation.

We regret to inform you that we woke up this morning to some fresh hell that fits the latter category. Instagram user Серега a.k.a. @notcatart, a Russian makeup artist whose bio reads "JUST BE YOURSELF, and If people don't like It, well, FUCK THEM!," posted a tutorial yesterday in which he looked anything but himself.  

Posting a video soundtracked to "Rake It Up" by Yo Gotti, he captioned the video, "WHITE TO DARK. I love skin of all colors and this look is inspired from it.. That we all are beautiful... And I wanna show you how it’s beautiful 😍 love it!" 

Being that most all of his other tutorials are soundtracked expressly by EDM, and compounded by the caption and, uh, sheer imagery of said "transformation," it's clear as day that the MUA engaged in performative blackface, complete with grillz at the conclusion of the video.

After receiving backlash for the video, to the tune of some 2,000 comments, the MUA then doubled-down on his so called "tutorial" by again posting a still from the tutorial, disabling comments and captioning it, "I will posted it again and again... love u guys." 

It goes without saying that listening to valid criticisms instead of posting "again and again" could be advantageous to an adult human whose primary vocation is dependent upon an engaged and loyal following. We have to wonder, however, if such shock tactics are used in garnering attention in the first place. 

I will posted it again and again... love u guys ❤️

A post shared by Серега Любимов (@notcatart) on

Earlier last week, elsewhere in Russia, MUA blogger Sasha Cat posted a similarly scary video in which she performs blackface, with details to very clearly demonstrate what she is doing — including donning a curly-haired wig, shown below.

It's possible that this initial post inspired the more recent video, but due to our lack of Russian comprehension, we may never know. 

No matter the idiotic motivation for posting and reposting such an abhorrent and ignorant video, one thing is for certain: @notcatart is canceled effective immediately! Dear @itsashacat, you, too, are canceled, sweetie!

Somehow these two managed to take the time thinking up nonsensical clapbacks but couldn't get around to researching how and why their actions were offensive and intolerable.

Just yet another example of everyone wanting to be Black — until the cops show up of course! SMFH.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: NotCatArt via Instagram)


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