#ARealOne: See Marlo Hampton Adjust Nene Leakes' Wig Mid-Fight

The hair moment (#nenesbun) is now trending on Twitter.

Published December 4th

When scrolling though your Instagram feed, you're bound to see #FriendGoals on your timeline — with most posts showing off besties with matching fashions, girl's nights out and offering occasional vacay envy. 

But it might have taken on a whole new meaning last night during Sunday's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode. While on a girls' trip to San Francisco, the RHOA stars sat down for a yummy dinner which abruptly ended when castmates Porsha Williams and Nene Leakes got into a very heated argument.

Let's just say things got "so nasty and so rude" that Nene began to lose her bun, threatening to give the very rich reality star a hairstyle gone bad! See for yourself below:

As the night got more heated, necks began to roll and the bun continued to unravel. Nene's BFF Marlo Hampton began to re-pin her friend's hair back into place as Nene continued to argue back and forth with Porsha.

Twitter quickly went into a frenzy, with fans declaring this act as a new #FriendGoals requirement. Here's the best tweets from the conversation that was #NenesBun, which was launched by Andy Cohen himself.

This tweet is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the tweet may have changed.

Marlo's comments on the now iconic RHOA moment? "Did you enjoy tonight’s episode of #RHOA? I had to get my sis bun together," she posted on Instagram.

YAASSS! Looks like we all need a friend like Marlo who will keep us all the way together. 

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

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