#BeautyWars: Kylie Cosmetics Tries To Come For Fenty Beauty By Releasing 30 New Skin Shades

Too little, too late?

Published December 7th

Fenty Beauty has only existed since September, but its resounding success has had competing brands shaking in their boots since the first drop.

The swiftness with which beauty brands began aggressively (and suddenly) promoting darker did not go unnoticed by savvy consumers. Immediately following the initial Fenty Frenzy, Kylie Cosmetics, which we refer to as KyCo for short, began socialing out their singular lip shade made for dark skin tones and dropped a trio of inclusive shades.

Months later, with plenty of time to prepare, KyCo's holiday collection is revealed to contain a new product offering: concealer in 30 shades. Hmmmmmm.... sounds high-key familiar. 

First of all, Fenty Beauty famously released a whopping 40-shade foundation offering in its inaugural drop in September. Even with this swagger-jacking move, Fenty proves to be the pioneer. After all, the company was just named one of Time's best inventions of the year, which is an insane accolade for a makeup company to snag, especially one that just started out. 

You know the old saying, if you can't beat 'em... just appropriate their creativity with a slight change as not to inspire a lawsuit! Peeps, what do you think of the copycat move? Is it about time for the rest of the industry to catch up — or a day late and a dollar short?

Written by BET Staff

(Photos From Left: Splash News, Kylie Jenner via Instagram)

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