Twitter Came For Simone Biles And Her Edges Again And This Time She's Had Enough

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 04:  Olympic gymnast Simone Biles attends the Taste Of The NFL 'Party With A Purpose' at Houston University on February 4, 2017 in Houston. at University of Houston on February 4, 2017 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Taste Of The NFL)

Twitter Came For Simone Biles And Her Edges Again And This Time She's Had Enough

"Do you look perfect ALL the time?"

Published December 13, 2017

On Sunday (Dec. 10), Olympics gold medalist Simone Biles couldn't wait to share her excitement the first-ever honorary Houston Texans cheerleader. Is there a moment when this girl is not winning? 

Dressed in the legendary red boots, the 20-year-old let her over 1 million Twitter followers in on the moment by posting highlights from the big event. 

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While her excitement was matched with loads of praise and congrats, there were a few trolls that were more concerned about her shoulder-length hair that was blown out of place. Duh, she's cheering!

Sadly, that didn't stop Twitter from going in — even after Simone commented on the thread asking them to excuse her hair and made it clear she "just came straight from a 4 hour practice w/ my hair in a bun." 

Here we go again! Don't you remember back in 2012 when Olympics gold medalist, Gabby Douglas received equally asinine comments about her hair for the London Olympics?

“What’s wrong with my hair? I’m like, I just made history and people are focused on my hair? It can be bald or short, it doesn’t matter about [my] hair,” Simone told the Associated Press in 2012. “Nothing is going to change. I’m going to wear my hair like this during beam and bar finals. You might as well stop talking about it.”

Seemingly taking note from her 2016 US Olympic women’s gymnastic teammate, Simone had a message for her haters:

Yes to the classy clapback! Our thoughts exactly. When can we stop focusing on people's flaws and put energy towards what they excel at instead? Just some food for thought as we approach 2018.

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Taste Of The NFL)


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