No Eyebrows? No Problem! You Can Now Glue Them On

(Photo: Vogue Korea via Instagram)

No Eyebrows? No Problem! You Can Now Glue Them On

Welcome to the final frontier of 2017 brow trends.

Published December 21, 2017

Something that we're looking forward to leaving in 2017 is the crazy eyebrow trend.

This past year we saw everything from zig-zag to barbed wire to Christmas tree brow styles. And just when our crazy brow fatigue was about to peak, we were granted a blessing: a somewhat normal brow craze.

Thank you, Black Santa, for this gift from above!

As shown above, you can now just paint tiny hairs straight onto your brow bone instead of filling them in by way of pencil or gel. As far as brow trends go, this one's pretty tame; for one, it actually makes sense

For those averse to microblading, there might be a more impermanent solution in just gluing fibers over your bare patches. 

Would you be down to glue some false hairs to your face? We're actually not so mad at this!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Vogue Korea via Instagram)


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