See 'The Talk' Cast Go Makeup Free On TV

See 'The Talk' Cast Go Makeup Free On TV

No glam, just glow!

Published January 12, 2018

TV is a notoriously "glam" industry.

No matter your pronouns, makeup artists (MUA) are well-versed in arduously caking makeup on folks about to head on-air. And to some extent, this makes sense — the hot, bright-ass cameras that perfectly light one's face can require some significant baking to minimize shine.

But the heavily made up faces we see on our boob tubes just aren't realistic! So we're grateful that the ladies at CBS's The Talk went makeup free for last night's episode. It's not the first time the hosts have gone makeup free on-air, but since Eve recently joined the show, it was her first time doing so — and she was hella nervous!

Eve's hesitation to going bare-faced honestly makes this situation all the more relatable. Makeup can function as a type of armor for women who love to frequently wear it, and consequently, going without can feel like a huge vulnerability — especially when you're on national television.

"We know you were terrified of doing it, that's how we felt five years ago before we did it," co-host Julie Chen asked Eve. "How do you feel now?" 

"Honestly, I'm still stressed out," Eve admitted while on-air. "I feel like I'm naked."

Delving into the psychology behind her emotional response, Eve insightfully remarked on her long-time career in the public eye, noting that makeup had become something of a "security blanket" and that she would not go in public without it. "It became like putting on a bra in the morning," she added.

We love the concept of makeup-free TV, if only to normalize our own insecurities. Eve said her own self-perceived flaws were what made her so hesitant to go makeup-free, and that having her fellow co-hosts do it along with her helped in raising her confidence to go through with it.

But really, more shows should go makeup free! Something that we noticed was that yes, these ladies have skipped out on hair/makeup/wardrobe but we almost wish they nixed the robes in favor of normal 'fits. Something about the robes suggest that the look is not quite finished — when in fact all of these ladies look pretty darn good as they are!

Entertainment has the ability to shift societal paradigm, and that includes public perception of "presentability" — may we suggest that next time the ladies wear some clothing of their choice to further drive home the idea of radical acceptance?

At any rate, we feel Eve's nerves, but wow, if we had that mug, we'd be makeup free every damn day! Eve, will you leak the skincare regimen for the culture, sis?

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: The Talk CBS via Instagram)


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