The Internet Is Pissed About This Racist Cardi B ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Manicure

Russian Manicurists's Racist Cardi B ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Manicure Has The Internet Pissed

The Internet Is Pissed About This Racist Cardi B ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Manicure

“Do not criticize this point, it was not done specifically.”

Published April 18, 2018

When will people learn that hell hath no fury like Black Twitter? Well, a Russian manicurist is going to learn today! Okkkkurt?! 

Consider this a good mani gone bad. Apparently, @Nail_Sunny wanted to pay homage to Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy drop by reinterpreting the cover of the gold-selling album as 3D nail art, complete with a swiveling head.

The only problem here? Cardi B looks nothing like the dark-skinned woman below. See the problematic manicure for yourself below:

The self-proclaimed "#1 Nail Art salon in Russia” seemed to be pretty proud of their work—until their comment section became LIT. 

“Just because Cardi is black doesn't mean that she has dark skin. Y'all had a picture and everything,” one person wrote.

“Why y'all paint her brown? Y'all could've left it the way it was and it would've been fine,” another pointed out.

“Cardi B shouldn't be portrayed the way she isn't. If you can't do it based on the real person, then just don't do it at all," another commenter explained. 

To make matters worse, Cardi's own manicurist, Jenny Bui, posted (then deleted) the photo on her page. #Messy

Guess who? @iamcardib or @nickiminaj ? Opinions ?

A post shared by #1 NailArt Chain In Russia💅🏻🇷🇺 (@nail_sunny) on

Looks like the wrath got to them because they swiftly updated their Instagram caption to read:

“Dear followers, the color of Cardi's skin really turned out to be dark, because the material from which we sculpt the dolls absorbs a very strong black-gel paint and even if we try to use a lighter shade of brown, then after drying in the lamp the doll will pigment into the darker one. Unfortunately, when we got it out of the lamp, the doll was much darker than we were expected. Convincing request. Do not criticize this point, it was not done specifically. We apologize if this someone is offended.”

They even decided to take it a step further by creating a new-and-improved version of Cardi (see above) a few hours later. A+ for effort, but why didn't they just do this from jump?

Do you accept @Nail_Sunny's apology or nah? Let us know in the comments section.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella)


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