Whoa! Former 'Love And Hip Hop' Star Jhonni Blaze Got Ab Etching Surgery

<<enter caption here>> on August 5, 2018 in Decatur, Georgia.

Whoa! Former 'Love And Hip Hop' Star Jhonni Blaze Got Ab Etching Surgery

This is intense.

Published October 6, 2018

Jhonni Blaze recently received a tummy tuck of a different kind.

  1. Many celebrities have gotten liposuction over the years however the former Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star decided to go with a newer, less common procedure.

    According to her and her doctor, Blaze went under the knife for what is described as “ab-etching.” The 28-year-old, who has previously been open about having plastic surgery, visited with Dr. Andrew Jimerson II, M.D., aka, Dr. Curves in Atlanta.

  2. “I’ve been battling with my weight all of my life,” she recently revealed. “I think I just hit rock bottom with depression. Gained a lot of weight, like 230, and I just promised myself for me, my confidence to get back, I want to eat right and do boxing, but I also want a quicker result. So I want to get my arms and my stomach done.”

    According to Madame Noire, ab-etching is different from lipo because only some unwanted fat is removed and some is left behind to “help define and contour the abdominal muscles underneath.”

  3. Here are some pics of jhonni blaze post-surgery
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Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Leading By Example Foundation


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