Ready To 'Wig Out'? Get Into These Real-Life Tales Of Women's Biggest Wig Fails

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 15: Rapper Meek Mill attends Meek Mill "Championships" album release party at Mansion Elan on December 15, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Ready To 'Wig Out'? Get Into These Real-Life Tales Of Women's Biggest Wig Fails

Meek Mill might be on to something...

Published January 18, 2019

Meek Mill took it upon himself to cancel wigs for 2019, and ladies everywhere lost it—from Amber Rose and Masika to the regular folk of the Twitterverse. He clearly hit a nerve with the wig-wearing community when he hopped on Twitter to voice his opinion of lace fronts. See his initial statement and rebuttal below.

Now, we love a good wig and certainly aren’t canceling them, but Meek might have been on to something when he mentioned his own wig trauma. True, it’s happened to the best of us. Dreamdoll even candidly spoke to BET about a wiggy situation during sex.

We took the conversation to the streets to find out what wig fails women have experienced that might make you feel a little bit better about your own wig mishap.

Read these stories before deciding if we should say goodbye to wigs for good in 2019:

  1. "My Toddler Snatched It Off"

    "Girl, my [toddler] daughter snatched it off in the grocery store while I was in the checkout line. At that point I just put it in my buggy and checked out." - Bunnie M. 

  2. "It Flew Off my Head And Off The Stage Into The Crowd"

    "I had just became a dancer at this club and I was all nervous. I had bought this long pretty wig but it didn't have combs in it to hold it in place. I wore it anyways like an idiot. I had got on stage and decided to try the spinning pole for the first time. I spinned around and I remember thinking to myself, 'I'm finally doing it! It's not as hard as I thought! This is so fun!' Then I felt my wig slipping. Before I knew it, it flew off my head and off the stage into the crowd!

    "I still kept on dancing though, took my wig cap off and everything! Everybody was laughing but they were still throwing money and I know it was because they felt bad for me! They tossed the wig back at me when I was getting off stage. Every time I think about that night I die a little inside." -Vessi G.

  3. "I Had To Chase It Around The Parking Lot"

    "Cleaning out my car on a beautiful yet windy day, my wig flew off and I had to chase around the parking lot. I rushed to put it back on, only to realize I put it back on backwards!!!!" - Day E.

  4. "Before It Could Hit The Ground I Hit The Matrix"

    “So BOOM…I have this pretty little wig that I got off Amazon for $16 a few months back. Do not sleep on Amazon wigs, folks. It was like the best $16 I ever spent. Anyways, I wore the crap out of that wig and eventually it looked a tad abused so I ordered another because, hello, $16! It comes and looks exactly the same as the original except there’s no clips. I have extra clips that I could sew in, but who has time for all that?

    "So I go out to party one night with friends and decided to whip out the fresh one. I’d already worn her a couple times without any clips or problems. It’s a great night. We’re living our best lives in VIP, the drinks are flowing and we’re dancing the night away. I wind up meeting this gorgeous guy, at least I think he was, because I’m now drunk. I’m at his table getting super cozy, kicked my shoes off and everything. I’m now practically in his lap and whatever we’re talking about, leads me to throw my head back laughing—that’s the exact moment my wig fell OFF.

    "My flexibility and reflexes, drunk or not, are both on point though so as I felt the wig descend from my head before it could hit the ground, I hit the Matrix. I leaned my upper body back, caught it, plopped it on my head and jolted back up like a gymnast nailing her landing. In my drunk little head, I had Beyoncéd the heck out of the whole situation. In reality I knew he saw the whole thing. We were both cracking up because how could you not?! The whole thing was hilarious, super embarrassing and extremely humbling. He was a good sport though!” - Jessica S.

  5. "My Wig Got Pulled Off During Sex"

    "I’ve had my wig pulled off during sex accidentally. The sex was hilarious 'cause he pulled my hair, felt it shift and tried to put it back forward all while still stroking." - B

  6. "It Washed Back Up To Shore"

    "Hair" goes nothing. LOL...

    "My biggest wig fail recently happened in Bali over the summer. I was with a group of friends (guys and girls) and I was rocking a brand new, high quality unit, courtesy of celebrity hair stylist, Kahh Spence.

    "My first time breaking out this gorgeous wig was the same day as my trip, so I never got around to getting it laid properly before vacation. Basically I just plopped it on my head, threw a couple bobby pins in for good measure and went about my business. No glue, no cap — nada. The unit was so effortlessly flawless without any extra effort, that I totally forgot I was practically wearing a gloried hat on my head.

    "Long story short, my wig was NOT secured at all, ya'll."

    "On day two of vacay, we headed over to the beach for brunch, and of course I had my wet-and-wavy wig on! The tides were coming in crazy, but the water and view was amazing, so I decided to join my friends for some fun in the sea, and, well, let's just say, this mami's waves were no match for Bali's waves, because next thing I knew, the tides took my wig clean off my head. #MaskOff

    "I was so anxious to get my bomb unit back that I disregarded my exposed, cornrowed crown of hair, and how crazy I must've looked to all the strangers on the beach, while me and my friends played a game of 'Fetch the wig,' for a smooth minute. 

    "Luckily for me, my homeboys did manage to get my wig back (it washed back up to shore). Unluckily for me, they called me 'Kawhi Leonard' the remainder of the trip. A small price to pay for getting my wig back though. Because had I lost my hair that day, it would've been a waste of lace!" - Soraya J.

  7. "It Looked Like Top Ramen On My Head"

    "I bought this cute curly wig, it was 613 [color] and looked amazing on the mannequin. When I put it on, the kids said it looked Top Ramen on my head." - Crystal E.

  8. "The Lifeguard Was walking Toward Me With My Wig"

    "I was at Downey Park and thought I had everything secured from my head down to my toes, so I went sliding down the water slide, got to the bottom thought everything was cool. As I was walking out the pool, I hear 'Miss, excuse me! Miss, did you leave something?'

    "Me: "NO I got everything.'"

    "My daughter: 'Mom, touch your head.'" 

    "The lifeguard was walking toward me with my wig in her hands! I slapped it back on and walked out the pool like I was Tyra Banks. We laughed so hard the whole day." - Michelle B.

  9. "I snatched it off in traffic"

    "I was driving and had my wig on all day. It's one of my favorite ones! I had like three meetings that day and it was super sweaty and tight. So while I was driving back home, I got tired of the heat and snatched it off  while in traffic. I scared the SHIT out of the driver next to me and he missed his turn and hit the curb! LMFAO" - Barbara D.

If you’re wigging out after these tales, don’t fret! Watch celebrity wig-ologist Cliff Vmir on BET Digital’s new show, Wig Out, and learn his wiggy ways before throwing on your next lace front. We promise he’s got you covered, plus he’ll make laugh every step of the way.

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)


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