EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Hairstylist Ursula Stephen's $10 Drug Store Secret To Having 'Hot Girl Summer' Hair All Year Round

Celebrity Hair Stylist Ursula Stephen

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Hairstylist Ursula Stephen's $10 Drug Store Secret To Having 'Hot Girl Summer' Hair All Year Round

Co-host of BET Digital’s "The Hair Show" spills her budget-friendly key to happy hair.

Published August 30, 2019

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

If you’ve been living a "Hot Girl Summer," then you’ve been flourishing in all areas of life, including your hair routine. However, soon the temperature will drop, and we’ll need to switch up our hair care to adjust for the fall weather.

That’s where celebrity hairstylist and co-host of BET Digital’s The Hair Show, Ursula Stephen comes in. She’s blessed the heads of Rihanna, Zendaya, Laverne Cox, SZA, Queen Latifah and Kerry Washington – just to name a few.

Not only does she slay every time (hello, she’s responsible for RiRi’s black, asymmetrical bob in “Umbrella”), but she does so with affordable products that everyday woman can get their hands on too. Her No. 1 rule to get ahead in your hair care routine for the fall? Upgrading your scalp care routine, because as she puts it, every great coif “starts with the scalp.”

She explained to BET during a visit to her salon in Brookyln, New York, that the key to healthy hair is at the root. For Black women especially, the cold weather can dry out strands leaving coils less bouncy than in the summer due to the heat and humidity.

There’s all sorts of products to revive kinks, but not as many to nourish the scalp, and certainly not many that are budget-friendly. Well, Ursie shared her favorite, not-at-all pricey secret to giving your scalp a boost — new Dove DermaCare products created specifically to address concerns like dry, itchy scalp that come with the changing seasons.

Give your scalp a boost of hydration and nourishment with new Dove DermaCare Scalp Coconut & Hydration Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner, or Dove DermaCare Scalp Dryness & Itch Relief Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. There’s Dove DermaCare Scalp washes for all your scalp needs.

DermaCare Scalp Coconut & Hydration Anti-Dandruff Shampoo And Conditioner ($5 each)
DermaCare Scalp Coconut & Hydration Anti-Dandruff Shampoo And Conditioner ($5 each)
(Photo: Photo Courtesy of Dove)

Formulated with active pyrithione zinc to treat dandruff, Dove DermaCare Scalp won’t compromise the look and feel of your hair. With regular use, strands are left moisturized, smooth and manageable while your scalp is left hydrated and free from visible flakes. The great thing about these products is that they retail for $5 each, making your perfect shampoo and conditioner combo just $10! And if you think that these products aren’t for you and your hair, Ursula begs to differ.

“The shampoo will clean you, but the conditioner will definitely bring back your PH balance. Culturally, Black women, African-American women, we have been very on top of greasing our scalp and scalp care. But I think in the last few years with the natural hair movement, girls have more worried about their hair, trying to figure out which curl creams can make the hair the curliest, so now they’re not really worried about the scalp anymore.”

She adds, “So I think these are good products to get the focus back on the scalp because our hair grows so differently than straight hair, so we need products that are going to focus on our scalp. Our follicles are tighter, which is really why our hair comes out coarser, and that’s really where it’s the driest. These will produce a healthier hair growth.”

Well, there goes your secret to a flake-free, beautiful head of hair this summer. Now go be great!


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