White Beauty Vlogger Uses A Dark AF Foundation Shade In Her Makeup Tutorial And Now We Know Why We Can Never Find Our Shade

White Youtuber gets called out on Twitter for Black face.

White Beauty Vlogger Uses A Dark AF Foundation Shade In Her Makeup Tutorial And Now We Know Why We Can Never Find Our Shade

#Blackfishing was definitely cancelled in 2018!

Published September 5, 2019

Written by Gina Conteh

After Rihanna dropped her Fenty Beauty line, drugstore brands rushed to the drawing board in order to diversify their foundation shade range. So in 2019, there’s no excuse for white girls to be using up all the brown shades, and Twitter is dragging a Becky beauty vlogger for doing just that.

ICYMI: Last year, white women on Instagram were being called out for #Blackfishing, a.k.a. mimicking the look of Black women without telling anyone they're actually white. White women over-tanning, over-lining their lips, laying their edges and basically doing everything they can to emulate Black culture and Black features is modern day Black face. This will not be tolerated!

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Welp, apparently we still have to remind white women of this, because YouTuber Amy Mecado is getting called out for using a foundation shade that is WAY too dark for her skin. In her March 2019 video, Amy does a full makeup tutorial using all Maybelline products. When she begins the video, she already has a full face of makeup on. As she shifts into the tutorial, viewers can see the striking difference between her skin color and the foundation shade she chose to use.


“So for foundation, I’m obsessed with the Maybelline Superstay, so that’s the one I’m going to be using today,” Amy explains. “This one’s in the shade 310.”

Any Black girl who uses foundation knows that when you get into the 300s of any foundation brand, those shades are reserved for brown skin tones. She goes on to explain that she usually uses this shade when she’s her “standard tan," and she'll be blending the look later on in the tutorial. It’s clear that this shade in no way matches her hands or neck. No amount of blending can fix that!

And Twitter definitely agrees! Social media users went in on the YouTuber after seeing a clip of her video recently posted on Twitter.

See what Black Twitter had to say about her foundation shade below:

In the past, Black women were limited when trying to find foundation shades, having to mix, finesse and create a color to match our skin tones. With diverse shade ranges becoming the norm for almost all beauty brands, there is no excuse for white women to use our foundation shades. Period!

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