Brown Skin Beauty! Viola Davis Just Scored An International L'Oréal Paris Contract

L'Oréal Paris announces Viola Davis as their new international spokesperson.

Brown Skin Beauty! Viola Davis Just Scored An International L'Oréal Paris Contract

Viola Davis wants woman to define their own worth with her new campaign!

Published September 11th

Written by Gina Conteh

54-year-old Viola Davis is literally aging backwards and her skin is proving it. It’s no wonder that L’Oréal Paris scouted her to be their new international spokesperson.

The Emmy-award winning actress, known for her roles in How to Get Away With Murder and Fences, is always reminding women of their worth, being a champion for Black women everywhere to fight for what they want. Now she’s doing this with the beauty brand who’s literal slogan is “Because your worth it.”

Take A Look At Viola Davis Sparkling And Shining In Her New L’Orèal Campaign Imagery:


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Now that’s a powerful woman! Viola told Refinery29, “It’s a beautiful opportunity and responsibility to be able to spread the self-affirming message of worth to women around the world, and for my face to be attached to that self-affirming message,” speaking of her new role as L’Oréal’s international spokesperson

She went on to say that she doesn’t believe that any product or lip shade that can measure your worth and that it all comes from within.

"I thought the only way for people to see me was when I was on the red carpet. I could wear the dress, I could wear the lipstick. I was trying to show that I was good enough. I think that is too much of an ongoing narrative out there: that you get your worth from something on the outside. Really, if it’s not coming from within, it's coming from no place."


Viola Davis is the perfect woman and role model to serve as the face of L’Oréal Paris as a women who exudes confidence and preaches the values of knowing her self-worth!

(Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Women In Film)


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