Everything You Need To Know About Controversial 'Man Weaves'

Everything You Need To Know About Controversial 'Man Weaves'

Bundles for bruhs.

Published September 25th

Written by Maurice Marcel

“It’s not a man weave!!”

In 2016, barbers and stylists found a way to enhance men's hair, but what it's called is pretty controversial. 

Guys who are balding or losing hair, have no fear! Non-surgical hair replacements are here!

Celebrity international barber Wade Menendez and others have helped enhance the looks of men through this process. Whatever you want to call it, it's definitely helping men look and feel more confident. The process is actually relatively easy. You install the unit, cut it and blend it for style. 

If you're Black and balding, listen up. Naturally (haha) we had to do some research to get to the bottom of what's really going on hair — I mean here.

We talked to Menendez, this is what he had to say: 

How long does the unit last?

Anywhere from a month to a year. Some are very temporary, others you can take off wash and reuse for time periods up to a year.


Very light maintenance, which includes just wrapping it up at night with a du-rag, bandanna, etc.

Can you get the unit wet?

Yes, you can. However, remember, guys, this is not your hair. I don’t personally recommend you go deep diving and being ridiculous, but the barbers state that the unit can get wet, but keep the perspective that it is a hair unit!


The prices range on average anywhere from $275 for a temporary one to upwards of $800-$1,000 for one that lasts longer – let’s say for a year. That is nothing compared to what I know some of my female friends pay MONTHLY for their hair. Just saying. (Of course these prices may vary drastically based on the quality of service you choose!)

Insurance option:

If you were diagnosed with alopecia, barbers like Wade accept your insurance because the treatment is no longer considered cosmetic in those cases.

Hairstyle options available?

Well, you can have whatever styles you want, but once again, keep it realistic. Most of these barbers can create the style you desire. They asked that you send them pictures first of the style and then they'll build the consultation on that along with finding the right hair unit to match the texture of your current hair. So, if you're bald and want a Lenny Kravitz type of hair style, you should know that the procedure may be a little different. Ideally, they prefer clients to have some type of hair growth on the sides and the back, but they can still work with someone completely bald.

Image is important to us guys, too. So these hairstylists are helping guys feel better about their overall look!


Fellas, if you decide to go this route, please, please, please try to find someone that can not only install the unit, but is also able to cut it, blend it to your head naturally and teach you how to maintain it!


I have seen these units COMPLETELY transform some guy’s style and confidence, especially if you suffered hair loss at an early age due to genetics or alopecia. Like any new style, it’s all about that confidence!

Wade is not the only barber that can perform this enhancement. Many salons in Atlanta, barbers in NYC, shops in LA and other major cities can do your unit as well. 

There are many videos on YouTube if you are curious about the process, so check them out! Or for more information about Wade's process, go to wadethebarber.com.

We recommend really doing your research, because if you're going to do it, PLEASE do it right.

And ladies, THESE are NOT HAIR WEAVES FOR GUYS. We prefer the term hair units — and my hair is all natural. 

(Photo: pidjoe/Getty Images)


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