Bling, Bling!: Noelle Robinson Has A New Accessory That We Can’t Help But Love

Noelle Robinson

Bling, Bling!: Noelle Robinson Has A New Accessory That We Can’t Help But Love

The YouTube star has permanent diamond grillz.

Published March 27, 2020

Noelle Robinson has a new accessory that’s sure to make her smile.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey’s 20-year-old daughter revealed that she has a permanent diamond grill. The model uploaded a video to her buzzing YouTube channel where she answered questions about herself that she’s “been avoiding” including past dental work.

One of Noelle’s 2,000 followers asked if she has ever had braces, to which she answered that she’s had them four times. 

“Yes, I’ve had braces…well, not braces, but Invisalign, or whatever, the invisible things, four times,” she explained. “This is my fourth time. I currently have them because I just wasn’t responsible and I wasn’t wearing them as I should. I have them now because I’m doing some final adjustments on my teeth, but I’m already seeing a lot of improvement. I shouldn’t need it for much longer.”

The Q&A session shifted to the former Howard University student’s sparkling bottom teeth. She went on to explain that she’s never going to take them out unless for an acting job. She said:

 “I also had a lot of questions about my grill, guys. So let me just dive into that. So, yes, I have a grill,” Noelle said. “I’ve had the grill for almost two and a half years, three years now.”


“It is permanent,” she explained. “I got it done in Atlanta. I love it. I’m probably not going to take it out unless I have to for acting or something else, but I don’t plan on taking it out, like, for a while. I always get so many compliments. A lot of people think that they’re braces, I guess.”

Permanent grillz are becoming more popular, and we’re loving it!

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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