Self-Care With Caress: Body Wash And Beauty Bars That Are Brown Girl Friendly

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Self-Care With Caress: Body Wash And Beauty Bars That Are Brown Girl Friendly

Caress' latest line is giving us luxe - and lush - for less.

Published April 23, 2020

Written by BET Staff

Wash away your stress, and give your skin some TLC - Tender, Love and Caress.

Recently the skincare company released their latest line of lush body wash products to help promote healthy skin.

The new Charcoal and Pink Lotus Body Wash by Caress is specifically formulated to detox and deep cleanse the skin.

When it comes to melanated skin, the benefits of charcoal and charcoal-activated products are countless. Charcoal is known for helping to clear dark spots, even skin tone and lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin. It's also good for battling back-acne (aka "bacne"), and other stubborn body acne, due to the fact that charcoal absorbs and pulls oil. Combine that with the soothing, rich fragrance of pink lotus and boom - you have a one-way ticket to a multi-sensorial shower experience.

Now, if you're less of a body wash person, and more into a bomb, beauty bar, then Caress' Shea Moisture and Brown Sugar beauty bar is for you.

The Brown Sugar & Shea Butter 2-in-1 Beauty Bar is infused with shea butter and brown sugar, leaving skin silky soft and smooth. Due to shea's naturally high concentration of Vitamin E, it can help aid in the dissolution of rashes, while also lessening the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Shea butter is also good for hydrating and healing dry, cracked skin. Mix that with the natural exfoliating components of brown sugar, and you pretty much have a recipe for rich and radiant skin. (**Cues Ari Lennox 'Shea Butter Baby'**)

Want to learn more? Check out the full, affordable collection over at Caress, or shop your major retailor today.

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